Booking rooms
  • Cozy hotel in Kazan
  • Delicious continental breakfast
  • All types of payments
  • High-speed free Wi-Fi
  • 20 minutes – to the G.Tukai airport
  • 10 minutes - to Kazan railway station
  • 7 minutes - to the bus station
  • 2,1 km - to Sukonnaya Sloboda metro
  • 2,3 km - to Ametevo metro

Loyalty program "Partners of the Russian Army"

Discount is available for accommodation services (excluding meals)

The discount applies only to direct bookings.

Upon arrival, you must provide a bank card with a unique barcode on the back.

Discounts are available upon presentation and payment by bank card

You can book a room by calling 8‑843‑295‑55‑35 (15)

or by email: